Recreating the Knightly Figure

In popular myth, the medieval knight evokes thoughts of valiant combat in shining armour and is usually portrayed as a heroic alpha male in many modern artistic productions, be it theatre, film or otherwise. Perhaps many have at some point in their lives fantasised about putting on a suit of armour and playing knight for... Continue Reading →


Jewish Merchants in Medieval Malta

According to archival sources found at the Mdina Cathedral Archives, the majority of Jews in medieval Malta lived within the walled town of Mdina. They were considered as citizens of the town and were involved in landowning, economic activities and employing Christians to work the land under their responsibility. On a day-to-day basis, the trade... Continue Reading →

Cittadella in 1551

  For most people, the Great Siege of Malta of 1565 was such an important event that it overshadows any event that occurred during the Order of St John’s tenure on the island. It comes without saying that the siege was a turning point for the Order, but one should also be aware that this […]

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