Cumin Bread

'Giginit etiam Melita cuminum, notam herbam medicinis et condimentis, quod et crustae panis inspergitur gratissime.' - Jean Quintin d'Autun, 1536. English The above Latin excerpt is what Quintinus had to say about our cherished bread. Quintinus showed us how the Maltese bread-makers used to lace the crust of their bread with Cumin. Maltese soil is optimal for Cumin,... Continue Reading →

Food ways and food stuff in Early Modern Malta – how and what to re-enact!

Food is a marker of culture, this is because food is the result not only of specific climatic and geographic condition but also of resource availability, trade, politics and religion. Food has become democratised and is part of what makes the world globally connected. Food is mass produced and no longer dependent on specific condition... Continue Reading →

The Middelalder Center

The Middelalder Center in Denmark is a museum like no other. Whilst it is crucial to visit museums displaying primary and secondary sources to better understand our history,  this medieval centre gives its visitor a different perspective of how we learn and experience the past.

Recreating the Knightly Figure

Perhaps many have at some point in their lives fantasised about putting on a suit of armour and playing knight for a day. I was one such person in my childhood through my teenage years and eventually I entered the realm of reenactment. Like many before me, I did the mistake of purchasing armour before anything else and this was a lesson that cost me dearly.

Jewish Merchants in Medieval Malta

According to archival sources found at the Mdina Cathedral Archives, the majority of Jews in medieval Malta lived within the walled town of Mdina. They were considered as citizens of the town and were involved in landowning, economic activities and employing Christians to work the land under their responsibility. On a day-to-day basis, the trade... Continue Reading →

Cittadella in 1551

  For most people, the Great Siege of Malta of 1565 was such an important event that it overshadows any event that occurred during the Order of St John’s tenure on the island. It comes without saying that the siege was a turning point for the Order, but one should also be aware that this […]

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